Specialised Solutions

Made-to-measure architecture.

Customised construction depending on the range of the needs.

The work is carried out at a fixed price.

Highly unique estates.

We construct residential estates that are not at all conventional, in which the natural open areas predominate over everything else.

Residential areas with a low density of building, with types of homes that fit in with the natural environment, and the use of materials and finishes that are similar to the setting.

Respect for the environment is our maxim. Therefore, all our projects are planned with the greatest respect for the environment and multiple techniques are applied for treating wastewater, rainwater and blackwater, as well as for purifying and reusing water for irrigating golf courses.

Avant-garde buildings.

The most avant-garde architecture combined with the latest advances in home automation technology characterises the Aedifica Grupo.

Thanks to our broad experience, our houses manage to make the most of the communal areas as well as the private ones. In addition, the careful selection of the building material used allows us to improve the acoustic performance without sacrificing the appearance and modernity. We always try to optimise energy consumption in every design, both in individual homes as well as throughout the entire site.

Urban areas, sustainable areas.

In the city, the Aedifica Grupo creates efficient, advanced spaces. We design and construct projects that optimise the consumption of energy resources, such as water, electricity and heating and that integrate new systems for storing rainwater for sanitary use.

Our projects also contemplate the use of biomass boilers for residential and industrial heating. We therefore manage to considerably reduce energy costs compared to those of traditional electricity and gas.

In the urban environment, we apply techniques for recycling and purifying rainwater, wastewater and blackwater, useful for watering green areas and sports fields (golf, football, etc.).

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